TeamGroup DDR4 PC3200 PC / Sodimm Ram (8GB – 16GB)


With only 1.2V of working voltage, it can save electricity use by 20% compared to its last generation. Therefore, the heat generated from the product itself can also be reduced and maintain the surrounding temperature of the system. It is 100% compatible with INTEL’s latest X99 & Skylake chipset. With selected high-quality IC chips and strict testing standard, it is the perfect choice for laptop users, who seek for excellent quality, optimal performance, stability and compatibility.

  • All new generation product of DRAM module
  • 1.2V memory module
  • CAS Latency: CL22-22-22-52
  • Lifetime warranty
TeamGroup N/A

8GB PC, 8GB Sodimm, 16GB PC, 16GB Sodimm